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About Pain Management
Pain management generally includes therapy using a combination of medications, physical therapy, psychological therapy, interventional procedures or minimally invasive surgery. The Pain Clinic offers patients with chronic pain or cancer pain the option of minimally invasive interventional pain procedures.
These procedures avoid the risks of major surgery and prolonged postoperative rehabilitation. Through needles, painful areas are targeted under X-ray guidance and drugs or radiofrequency energy are used to treat nerves, muscles or joints. Occasionally, patients with severe persistent pain may also require implants that can help control long-term pain.
MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FAMS (Anaes), GDSM (Sports Med)
Specialist, Pain Management & Anaesthesiology
Career Highlights:
  • Chairman, South-East Asian Section, World Institute of Pain (WIP)
  • Fellow, Interventional Pain Practice (FIPP) with the WIP
  • Examiner, FIPP Examinations
  • Diplomate, American Academy of Pain Management (DAAPM)
  • European Diploma in Pain Medicine (EDPM), European Society of Regional Anaesthesia (ESRA)
  • European Diploma in Pain Medicine (EDPM), European Pain Federation EFIC
  • Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine, Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMed)
  • Fellow, Academy of Medicine, Singapore (FAMS)
  • Past President, The Pain Association of Singapore (2011-2017)
  • Past Vice-President, Association for South-East Asian Pain Societies (ASEAPS) (2012-2013)
Dr Ho Kok Yuen is a key opinion leader in pain management and anaesthesia and sits on numerous advisory boards. He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals, clinical practice and consensus guidelines, as well as book chapters on pain and anaesthesia. He has also delivered more than 200 lectures at regional and international conferences. Dr Ho frequently serves as an instructor at interventional pain cadaver workshops, training hundreds of doctors in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia and the Middle East.
Dr Ho Kok Yuen is widely recognised as an expert in minimally invasive interventional pain management, having performed thousands of such surgeries. He treats persistent and severe pain using therapies such as steroid injections, nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation, intrathecal drug delivery and spinal cord stimulation (SCS).
The first physician in Asia to perform cooled radiofrequency ablation, he has been treating spine, sacroiliac joint, hip, and knee pain using this technique since 2006. He also administers spinal infusions to ensure pain-free end-of-life comfort care for patients with advanced terminal cancer pain.
When Boston Scientific launched its most advanced SCS system – the WaveWriter Alpha™ - in Southeast Asia, Dr Ho Kok Yuen was the first doctor to perform the implant surgery. SCS uses electrical impulses to block pain signals in the spinal cord, effectively treating intractable back pain, leg pain and neuropathic pain. SCS therapy has helped hundreds and thousands of people around the world improve their quality of life.
Radiofrequency (RF)
An innovative RF technique that allows the creation of large-volume, spherical lesions to treat nerves that cause pain.

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